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Detailed Email Headers

We’ve mentioned before that if you want to find out the IP address and true source of an email you can find it in the details…

That’s great for Outlook Express, but what about web-based email like Yahoo, MSN/Hotmail or AOL? Well, I did some looking around and have good news for you. Detailed headers can be displayed in many of the popular web-based email services.

Let’s start with AOL. When checking an email You’ll notice a circle button with an arrow at the top. Click this and a box appears.


Click the “Details” link and you’ll get a window with all header information including the server the mail was sent from and the IP address. This makes it easier to report malicious senders.

With Hotmail click the “Options” link in the upper right hand corner. Next hit the “Mail” button on the left side column. Under “Mail options” select “Mail Display Settings”. You’ll see “Message Headers”—this is where you will choose the radio button for “Full” (you could do “Advanced” but that would contain more info than you really need). The down side is that every message will have the long header displayed so you’ll need to scroll down a bit for your message.

Last, let’s do it in Yahoo Mail. When you select a message there is a link in the upper right-hand corner that says “Full Headers”. Click it and all the sending info will display in an easy to read format.


David Samuel Thomas