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Did Microsoft Extend XP Support For Banks?

Merlin from Salt Lake City writes:

I heard on the national news that 95% of the ATM’s on the USA are running Windows XP and most have or making special deals with Microsoft to extend the April deadline. Since this seems to be so, is that going to leave the rest of consumer and business owners “SOL”? Sure seems so, like they’re gonna make ga-zillions by forcing us to go to W7 or hopefully W8/8.1.

Merlin,  the April deadline has not been extended. Microsoft is offering special extended support for  banks and other while they make the transition to a newer operating systems, but these companies are paying a hefty price for the support and it’s only intended as a temporary measure while they make that transition.  Custom support will not be offered unless the company has a plan for migrating from XP in place.

Custom support will run companies millions of dollars a year. According to one report an IT manager said his company quoted a price of $1 million dollars for the first year of support, $2 million for the second year and $5 million for the third year.

Microsoft is ending support for Windows XP after 13 years on April 8, 2014.

~ Cynthia