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Did Microsoft Extend XP Support?

Barry from Blandon, PA writes:

Saw someplace that Microsoft was extending support of XP until April 2015 due to issues of ATM’s and sort.  Can you verify?

While businesses like banks will be able to purchase custom support packages from Microsoft as they transition to another operating system, this will not be available for home users. It’s not going to be cheap, either. 


You may also have read that Microsoft is extending Windows Security Essentials for XP. But this just means that Security Essentials will be available to install on XP systems. It will work in finding already known threats to XP. But after April 8, 2014 there will be no new security support for XP. So the systems will not be protected from any future threats.

There used to be an old cigarette ad slogan that users would rather fight than switch. This seems to be the case with XP. But I promise you, the end is nigh for XP support.

~ Cynthia