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Did Outlook.com Illegally Hold My Emails?

Taffy from NSW. Australia writes: Why weren’t we told that all Outlook.com emails would be stored on Microsoft computers????? My emails were stopped until I logged into Outlook.com. I felt that this was illegal & therefore I contacted my provider who help me change back. It was only then that I received my emails from 4 days prior! Was this Legal?

Taffy, whenever you use any kind of e-mail service, your e-mails are stored on that company’s computers (called servers) and you can download copies of those e-mails from those servers to your personal computer using a mail client such as Outlook or Thunderbird.   Many people prefer to leave their e-mail entirely on those servers (or stored “in the cloud” as it is called) and never download a copy to their computer. That way they can access their mail anytime from anyplace. Or you can also choose to have Outlook.com e-mail forwarded to another e-mail address.

 It doesn’t sound as if something illegal was going on. It sounds as if either your Outlook.com  was not set up to to download messages to the mail client on your computer. You may be one of the many Hotmail users recently migrated to Outlook.com. I’m not sure which e-mail client or version of Windows you’re using, so I can’t give you more specific instructions on how to set up your e-mail client to receive Outlook.com.  Microsoft has video instructions for setting up Outlook to download mail here. [1]

All e-mail providers will store your e-mail on their computers for some length of time.  Even if you delete those messages from your online mailbox, it doesn’t mean they are really gone. If you’re concerned about what this means for your privacy, make sure to look over the privacy policy for your particular provider.

~ Cynthia