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Different Print Orientations in Word

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Here’s a situation that’s a bit perplexing for some…

Let’s suppose that you have a Word document and you need some pages printed in portrait and some printed in landscape orientation.

I know many people who when put in a situation like this would scratch their heads, do a bit of surfing through Word’s menus (or the Ribbon) and then pick up the phone and call, well… me.

So here’s the advice I’d give them:

First thing that needs to be done is to decide where the breaks in the printing orientation should occur.

Both before and after the information to be landscape printed we need to insert section breaks.

  • In older versions of Word you’ll need to use the Insert menu, Breaks choice. Choose the Next Page type of break and click OK.
  • In Word 2007 you’ll find what you need on the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon. We need the Breaks button and then in the Section Breaks section, choose Next Page.

Again, be sure to insert this type of section break at any point where the page orientation will change – including when you change it back to portrait.

Now it’s time to actually make the orientation change:

To do this you need to place your cursor on the page to be switched to landscape.

  • People using older versions of Word should then go to the File menu, Page Setup choice.
  • image

    In the Page Setup dialog box, on the Margins tab, you need to select Landscape, make sure that at the bottom it’s set for “This Section” and click OK.

  • For those of you with Word 2007 you’re back to the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon. This time click the Orientation button and choose Landscape.


    I found that Word 2007 didn’t need to be told to apply it to a section – it just knew what to do.

And there you have it – different page orientations in the same Word document. Now you too can print “this way and that”.

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