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Dig Here!

Dig Here! [1]

Have you ever wondered how far you would go if you dug a hole deep enough? I know it’s unlikely that you could dig to the other side of the Earth; I mean with all of those layers, and not to mention the burning hot core, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask, “What if?”

This site is a lot of fun for all those times you ask, “What if?” It’s easy to use too. Zoom in or out as much as you’d like and then click on a place to dig from (click the city, country, ect.’s name) and it will pop up a little text bubble that reads “Dig Here.” Click the words “Dig Here” and it will load where you would end up on the other side.

Examples: Toledo, Ohio – “Dig Here” – Indian Ocean.
Spain – “Dig Here” – Antarctica.

You can also switch between styles of maps. You have the option of Map, Satellite and Hybrid. I prefer the Hybrid map setting myself.

So where will you dig to?


~ Amanda