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What is Digg?

Well, that’s a very plain and simple, to the point question. I like that! I will try to give you the same back in return. Basically, Digg is a recently released Web site that deals mostly with news. It shows emphasis on technology and science, but it also combines other news stories. The only difference between Digg and any other news site is that the articles are chosen by viewers rather than editors. Sound cool to you? Let’s check it out further then!

Digg is known for their non-hierarchical, democratic editorial control. Along with the articles on technology and science, this Web site provides social bookmarking, blogs and syndication. Once a story is submitted by a user, it is ranked by other viewers for a position on the site. If it’s ranked high, it will more than likely be put on the front page, just like a newspaper. You can’t find a system like this on any other news Web site.

If you want to visit this site, you can do so at www.digg.com. Once you’re there, you can browse through the different articles and even give it “diggs,” depending on how well you like it. If the articles don’t make it to a high enough rank, it will stay under the ‘Digg All” section where it will eventually be removed completely from the site. You can join Digg as a member and then submit your own stories if you want.

Most of the articles are short summaries of stories that were found on other Web sites. Users just put their own little twist and opinion on them before submittal. There are six different categories you can enter a story under and those are: Technology, Science, World and Business, Videos, Entertainment and Gaming. Each of these come with their own containers (sub-categories) as well.

So, if you like to write your own stuff or just like to speak your opinion, Digg may be just what you’re looking for to get your word out. Go ahead, “digg” your way to this awesome site!

~ Erin