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Digital Coupons From Your Supermarket

Did you know that food costs make up on average 6% of a typical middle class household budget? The lower your income, the larger percentage of your budget you’ll spend on groceries. Food costs do not change dramatically as you make more money. Would you like to save a whole lot of cash at the supermarket with as little effort as possible?

Many supermarkets now offer digital coupons.  They can either be printed out or loaded electronically onto a shoppers club card for use.  Meijer, for example, lets you select from dozens of offers. You can choose from name brands, store brands and general merchandise items.  You  “clip” the coupons onto your mPerks account. At the checkout you simply type in your mPerks number ( some other chains have you scan a reward card) and your coupons are automatically applied.

To find out if your local supermarket has a digital coupon system, check the company’s website for a promotion, shoppers club or coupon section. You can also check at the service desk for information and instructions.


P.S. Another great way to save money is to check with the companies that make your favorite foods. For example, Campbell’s soup has printable coupons available for many of their popular soups. You can access them by clicking here [1].