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Digital Deli Online

The Digital Deli Online is an amazing collection of radio programming from all over the world.

While the site was overwhelming at first (I really didn’t know where to begin) I’ve decided that I think that is a plus rather than a minus. Why you ask? Normally I tout sites that are clean and simple to navigate, but there is something to be said for a site like this that offers so much and is such a pleasure to explore. After just a few clicks I felt like a kid in a candy store. So that’s my first bit of advice for navigating the site – just dive right into whatever section catches your fancy!

There is, however, a traditional navigation menu  on the left side of the page that hosts the categories Golden Age of Radio: History Spotlights, Golden Age of Radio: FTP and CD/DVD, Golden Age of Radio: Resources and Recommendations, Golden Age of Radio: Retro and Nostalgia, What’s Playing at the Digital Deli, About Collecting Golden Age Radio, About the Site, etc.

You will find advertising, education, special archives, search options and more if you keep scrolling down and looking at the left side menu area! Two sections of note on the lower part of the left side menu are the alphabetical archives for Radio Research and Preserving Golden Age Radio.

If you love the Golden Age of Radio, you are going to love this site! If you’ve never experienced the Golden Age of Radio – an amazing journey is waiting for you!

http://www.digitaldeliftp.com/ [1]