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Dimple Wants To Add Physical Buttons To Your Touchscreen Device

If you use an Android phone or tablet and prefer physical buttons to navigating the screen, the makers of Dimple.IO think they have a solution.  Dimple is a small sticker that looks a little like a Band-Aid that attaches to the back of your tablet or phone.


It works in conjunction with an app that allows you to assign your frequently-used functions to the sticker. Among the functions you can assign to the buttons are:

Dimple attaches to your phone with an adhesive back and is only .5 mm thick.

Your tablet or phone must be NFC capable to support Dimple. Dimple can be attached to the phone or tablet or its case. But it won’t stick to a metal surface  The developers don’t advise trying to transfer it from one device to another because the adhesive will start to lose its sticking properties. This device isn’t quite ready for retail purchase yet, the company is launching an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign  on May 6 and say they will begin shipping the product to their first backers at the beginning of of August.

Dimple will be priced at $15 for early funders and then retail for $26.99.  You can check out the app in the Google Play store [1], but it won’t be functional without the actual device.

 ~ Cynthia