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Direct X 11 for Windows Vista SP2

Direct X 11:

Microsoft has built Windows 7 features into Windows Vista with the latest Service Pack (SP2), which also includes a graphics technology upgrade. With SP2, users can access the new DirectX 11 package that brings the graphical power of the OS on par with Windows 7. Microsoft offers the platform update through Windows Update, if you’re interested.

Game Graphics:

Video game technology has come to a relative stand-still in recent years. Beyond powerful hardware, photo-realistic graphics demand the application of DirectX to move beyond. The upgrades from DirectX 5.0 to version 9.0 saw gamers downloading each upgrade to unlock higher features. There were also dozens of Video Card companies earlier, but now only 3 major companies remain. Performance enhancements came from GPU (Graphics Processing Units) manufacturers themselves. Since then, Microsoft Windows comes with a DirectX update every time they release a new version. Windows XP came with DirectX 8.1, XP Service Pack 2 came with DirectX 9.0, Vista with DirectX 10, and Windows 7 will come with DirectX 11 when it releases on October 22.




The most notable feature in DirectX 11 is tessellation. This process makes objects and scenery look more lifelike in games by splitting already existing triangles. This is because 3D models are split into smaller and finer pieces, making them look smoother. The present model allows three dimensional modeling. A feature called as “Compute Shader” utilizes the parallel processing capabilities of GPUs to improve gaming on PCs. The above features make games more realistic through faster frame rates. DirectX 11 will enable video conversion on the fly by simply dragging and dropping video from PCs to portable devices.

DirectX 11also includes a set of Application Programming Interfaces ( API ) for realistic image and better sound while playing games or watching movies, too.

List of games:

Below the list of games upcoming for Windows 7 and Vista:

DiRT 2 : Direct X 11 support Confirmed
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Direct X 11 support Confirmed
Aliens vs Predator : Direct X 11 support Confirmed
Batteforge : Direct X 11 support Confirmed
CRYSIS 2  : Not Confirmed, but the CryENGINE 3 supports DirectX 11

~Natarajan Kumaraswami