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Disable Animations in PowerPoint

So, you’ve got a great presentation that’s simply perfect. The right information, color scheme, design and animations… too bad you need to get rid of the animations for this go-around.

You’ve got a more limited presentation time so you need to keep things moving at a little faster pace then you would with the animations.

Or, maybe you’ve just got an audience who would be more annoyed by the animations than amazed and impressed.

Whatever the reason, you’ve got to dismantle the presentation to some extent.

Does it make you just sick to think about deleting the animations after all the time you invested into creating them?

Even if you save a copy of the file and then delete the animations you’re still looking at a bit of time to accomplish the task.

Or maybe not…

What if we could just tell PowerPoint to ignore the animations as needed?

I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m all for that. I don’t want double files (one with and one without animations) and I certainly don’t want to take the time to undo all the effort put into setting it all up.

If you agree then here’s what you need to know.

We all need to make our way to the Set Up Show dialog box. Of course, how we get there differs depending upon your version of PowerPoint. (What else is new?)

For PowerPoint 2007 you’ll need to start with the Slide Show tab on the Ribbon then click the Set Up Slide Show button.

People with older versions of PowerPoint must start at the Slide Show menu, Set Up Show choice.

At this point we should all be looking at something like this:


Check the box for the “Show without animation” option and click OK. (It goes without saying that you return and uncheck the box to enable the animations again.)

Voila! You now have a changed presentation without actually having to change the presentation, what could be more efficient than that?