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Disable Automatic Restart After Windows Blue Screen of Death

Jim from MD writes:

Sometimes when I boot up it goes to my desktop and approximately 1-2 minutes later, a blue screen comes up, dumping data. I wish to copy this screen because it goes too fast to read. How do I copy the message on this screen, to paste it somewhere else?

Great question Jim! Windows automatically reboots after a blue screen of death and writes a log entry in the event log, but if you want Windows to stay at the blue screen until you manually restart the computer here is what you need to do:

Right Click on My Computer (Or Computer for Windows 7 Users) and click Properties. Now Click Advanced System Settings and select the Tab that says Advanced.

After that, click “settings” under Startup and Recovery and un-check the box that says “Automatically restart” so no check-mark is in the box. Now click OK ¬†and restart your computer. Next time you get a blue screen of death the PC will not automatically restart and you’ll be able to read whatever error gave your computer the Blue Screen error.

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