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Disable Automatic Sync in Windows Media Player

Rileigh asks:

I recently connected my smartphone to a PC, while listening to music on Windows Media Player (version 11). Afterwards, my phone contained all the music, videos, and images that were stored on the PC. Fortunately, there was room, but I didn’t want all that stuff on my phone. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for the question, Rileigh. The same thing happened to me, and I figured that Windows Media Player (WMP) was automatically syncing to the device, but saw no obvious way to correct the issue, so I went online. As it turns out, there’s an easy fix.

Just click the Sync button in WMP and, from the device menu, click Advanced Options (the device must be connected).


In the device Properties dialog box, uncheck the box beside Start sync when device connects.


In the future, if you want to sync your device, just click the Start Sync button in WMP.


It’s as simple as that. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some files to delete from my phone.