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Disable Content Advisor in IE for Gmail

Every time I try to access Gmail in Internet Explorer I get the message: “Your browser’s cookie functionality is turned off. Please Turn it on.” What do I do?

This is a pretty common problem, but thankfully it’s easy to fix. What you need to do is disable IE’s Content Advisor. Here’s how:

Open Internet Explorer and go: Tools>Internet Options up at the top. If you don’t have a tool bar for this, then press the Alt key and it should pop up. Select the Content tab at the top of the dialogue box.

If the Content Advisor is enabled, then disable it and click OK.


Next you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache by going to Tools>Internet Options. Under the General Tab click “Delete Files” under Browsing History. Put a check next to Preserve Favorites website data, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies and History, and then click Delete. Restart Internet Explorer.

If the problem persists, then try logging into Gmail using their secure server at https://mail.google.com.