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Disable Error Reporting in Vista and Windows 7

In XP, we were often annoyed by messages like this. Some of us, me included, still are.

pierce_error_reporting_0 [1]

In Vista and Windows 7, we’re now annoyed by this.

pierce_error_reporting_1 [2]

Yes, Microsoft’s error reports can be irritating. However, this feature benefits the larger Windows community by (hopefully) enhancing security and dependability through patches and updates designed to address the root causes of the reported problems.

Microsoft’s definition of error reporting:

pierce_error_reporting_00 [3]

While it is possible to disable error reporting, in most circumstances, it’s not recommended. Nevertheless, there are times when it’s practical, at least temporarily. So, let’s look into a method for disabling these reports in Vista and Windows 7.

For instructions on how to do this in XP, see the tip, Disable Error Reporting in Windows XP [4].

In Vista, this is done through Problem Reports and Solutions. As it is with most Windows functions, there are several ways to get there. The easiest one I found was to type problem reports into Start search and click the Problem Reports and Solutions link.

pierce_error_reporting_2 [5]

In the dialog box, click the Change settings link on the left.

pierce_error_reporting_3 [6]

Here, either of the notification radio buttons can be activated, or clicking the Advanced settings link will present the option to disable notifications altogether…

pierce_error_reporting_4 [7]

…by clicking the Off button. Then click OK.

pierce_error_reporting_5 [8]

In the next screen, click OK again.

pierce_error_reporting_4a [9]

The following message will appear, and will pop up each time Problem Reports is accessed, until it’s returned to the default.

pierce_error_reporting_6 [10]

In Windows 7, just type the word problem and click the Choose how to report problems link.

pierce_error_reporting_7 [11]

Then click the radio button beside Never check for solutions (not recommended) and click OK.

pierce_error_reporting_8 [12]

Again, please remember that these reports do serve a purpose, so weigh the decision to disable them carefully.