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Disable QuickTime Icon in the System Tray

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Have you ever installed a program, and upon your next reboot you discover that there’s a new icon in your system tray? When was I given the choice as to whether or not I wanted another icon down there? It’s crowded already! I need my space!

The main offender of this is QuickTime. Yeah, it’s required for quite a bit of media viewing, but I’m not always going to need it to be resident and taking up memory all the time, am I?

We’re going to take care of that today.

First, you’ll want to Right-Click the Quicktime icon in your system tray and go to “Quicktime Preferences”. Click on the Advanced tab.

Down near the bottom you’ll see a checkbox that says “Install QuickTime icon in the system tray”.


…seems fairly obvious, but what if you’re using Windows Vista or 7 and you get this message:


Click “This control panel works correctly” selection and you’re good to go!