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Disable Security Warning for Mixed Content in Internet Explorer

Linda from NC writes:

How can I disable the “Security Warning” messages that constantly pop up when I am using Internet Explorer? These are the messages that ask, “Do you want to view only secure material ….” Then you have to answer either yes or no. I am using Windows 7. (This doesn’t happen when I am using FireFox.)

If you are using Internet Explorer and you are on an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) page that contains nonsecure HTTP content, you will face a security warning dialog box stating: “This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items”. You may choose “Yes” to get both type of contents and continue your web browsing session, but the story does not end here. You will have to face the same message box every time you visit those kind of web pages stated above, regardless of the number of times you hit “Yes” on that message box. This is because IE will not remember your choice to automatically bypass it.

It can be a bit irritating for you, doing it over and over again – but if you do not want to see the message box ever again here is how you can achieve it:

1. Go to Control Panel from the Start menu. Here you will need to select Internet Options to customize its settings.click-internet-options

2. When Internet Properties dialog box opens, click on the Security tab. Then under security tab locate and click the Custom level button at the bottom.


3. Clicking Custom level will open a new window named Security Settings – Internet Zone. Use the scrollbar to find the option Display mixed content. You will find that it is set to “Prompt” mode by default. Change it to “Enable” mode and hit “OK” to save the settings successfully.


There are certain websites where this security feature might prove to be lifesaver, as a general user is mostly unaware of the insecure content being delivered, but even though this fix is intended for hassle-free browsing experience, it is strictly recommended to browse only secure content on webpages that come with an HTTPS. You have been warned!

~Soumen Halder