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Disable Spellchecker in Word

Do you hate it when you have a document with an entire section of technical terms or part numbers or some other text that is never going to pass the Spellchecker inspection?

Do you hate that it’s going to stop again and again and again waiting for you to tell it to ignore the text that you already knew it wouldn’t like.

To avoid the hassle would you like to know how to get Word to skip over specific sections in a document while still running a check on the rest?

Yeah, sounded like a good idea to me too and I was quite pleased to discover that it’s actually pretty easy to do.

Here’s the scoop.

First, you need to select the text that you want the Spellchecker to skip.

With the text highlighted you’ll need to get into the Language portion of Word’s proofing tools.

Readers with older versions of Word will go to the Tools menu, Language submenu, Set Language choice.

Word 2007 readers need to go to the Review tab of the Ribbon and click the Set Language button in the Proofing section.

Everyone should be looking at a dialog box that looks something like this one:


Check the option for “Do not check spelling or grammar” and click OK. (Note: the grammar check will also be turned off for the selected text so be sure that it’s all in good order.)

This should return you to your document where you find that you’ll no longer be hassled by the spell check… well at least in that particular area…

~ April