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Disable the New Facebook Photo Viewer

The powers that be over at Facebook like to change things up on its user base every now and again. Sometimes they’re good changes, but other times they just make you want to scream. Take for example the “new” picture viewer they’ve implemented. Before, when you’d click on a picture, it would just show up on the page. Now, there’s a big black box around photos that’s just plain distracting!

Well, here’s a temporary fix, so you can go back to the way things were.

First click on the picture you want to look at on Facebook so the new picture viewer pops up. Now, go up to the address bar of your browser, highlight the last word, theater, and hit Delete on your keyboard.

Voila! You can now resume looking at pictures the old fashioned Facebook way!

Note: This is not a permanent fix, and once you navigate away from Facebook you’ll have to re-apply this technique again.