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Display The Play Menu Option On Windows Media Player

Mark H. asks:

I have Windows Media Player 11. There used to be a place at the top where I could click Play. I can’t find it anywhere. Where is it?

A. Hi, Mark! You would think it would be right there all the time, wouldn’t you? After all, everybody has to use it.

It’s all about options. If you play a lot of music on your player, you might want to have the Play option displayed all of the time. If all you do is burn CDs from your player, then you may not want it shown since you don’t need it all of the time. And of course, there’s always the appearance of the program. It’s all in what you want.

There are two ways to display the menu (where you can click on Play) on your player.

The first is the Classic Menu. This is where your menu is visible all of the time so that you don’t have to do anything when you want to play something, you just left-click on Play and display the options.

This is the left half of the taskbar of Windows Media Player 11.0.


The second way of viewing Windows Media Player is by hiding the menu. You can access it; it just isn’t visible all of the time. The way to access the menu is to go up to your taskbar (the bar that extends all the way across the top) and right-click on any empty area in the taskbar and the menu will pop up with options for you to customize the player to your liking.

This is Windows Media Player (11.0) when the menu is hidden.


Since you can’t find Play at the top, Mark, your menu is obviously hidden. There a couple of ways to make it visible.

Right-click an empty area of the taskbar and the menu will pop up (just like before). To enable the Classic (visible) menu, go to Show Classic Menus (it’s at the bottom) and click on it to put a check mark next to it. Now your menu is visible again.

This is what Windows Media Player looks like after I click Show Classic Menus.


The other way to display the Classic Menu view when it’s hidden is to right-click an empty area of the taskbar and when the menu pops up, instead of going down to click on Show Classic Menus, you point to View to highlight it and then click go down the list (fifth option down) and click on Show Classic Menus. Either way displays the menu with Play in it – and it will stay on top.


Either option will produce this:


No looking for Play anymore!

Thanks for writing, Mark!

~Lori Cline