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Display Those Menus

Display Those Menus

Are you among the many who downloaded the new version of Internet Explorer (number 7?) If so, you’ve probably been dealing with some changes from the earlier versions ever since. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with change, but sometimes, it can be down right frustrating! One of the main things that changed with IE 7 was the disappearance of the File, Edit, View, Favorites, Tools and Help menus. In IE 6, you could always count on those menus being available, but for some reason, they are hidden in the new browser. So, is there any way you can get them back? There sure is. Allow me to tell you how!

If you want to get them back temporarily (maybe you only need them for a quick second), just hit the Alt key on your keyboard and the menus will appear. Once they show up, you can do whatever you need to do with them. You need to be sure not to click your mouse anywhere else though, because if you do, they will disappear again.

Now, if you want the menus to be available permanently, just click on the Tools button and choose Menu Bar. That’s all there is to it. Another way of getting them back is to hit the Alt key (the temporary way) and when the menus appear, go directly to View, Toolbars, Menu Bar. Either way, all of those helpful menus will stay put for good. Also, if you ever want to hide them again, just reverse the above actions and you’ll be all set. It’s just another way you can bring the comfort of IE 6 to IE 7. Cool, huh?!

~ Erin