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Distance to Mars

Just how far away is Mars from the Earth? Check out this awesome site that answers that questions in a way that makes you feel the distance. 

Distance to Mars uses pixels as their unit of measurement to exhibit just how far away Mars really is from Earth. 

To get started click the  arrow at the bottom of the page. Your first stop on this pixelated journey to Mars is a short jaunt to the moon for reference. You can’t compare how far away something is if you don’t have a point of comparison. Next up Mars! Click the arrow at the bottom of the page to start traveling again. 

As you travel to Mars, facts will pop up on the right and left side of the page. And eventually you’ll make it to Mars and realize that it is very, very far away. 

I thought this was a super cool way to explore the universe and experience just how far from Earth that Mars really is.

http://www.distancetomars.com/ [1]