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Do Tablets Have A Monthly Fee?

Question: I’m interested in buying an Android tablet, but not sure how it works. Do you have to pay a monthly fee? I have a wireless laptop and a desktop and get my Internet service through the phone company. Nobody ever addresses these issues.  Thanks for any help this old gal can get.

Answer: There is no special monthly fee for using an Android tablet. In fact, if you’ve already got a wireless laptop, you should be good to go. You would just need to connect your tablet to your router, which should just take a few taps on the screen and the typing in of a password.

 An additional monthly charge  beyond you paying for your regular Internet service might come into play if you purchased a tablet at a deep discount from a Wireless provider on the condition that you sign a contract for a data plan, much in the same way you would for a phone. There would also be a cost if you signed up for an additional mobile wireless plan that would allow you to use your tablet away from home without having to find a WiFi hot spot.

~ Cynthia