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DocX Viewer

Have you ever tried to open a Microsoft Word document created in Microsoft Word 2007 using any previous version? If you have, you have run to the problem that many others are now experiencing. There are converters and other software out there designed to help you with this, but I have found a viewer that is very easy to use and very light. It is a simple program called DocX Viewer and best of all it is FREE!

When you first launch this program, it appears to be nothing but a blank window with three menus at the very top. This your main interface for the program and where you will view all of your docx files. In order to view the file, you must go to the File menu and then down to Open. You will then be greeted with a box similar to the one below. Simply choose your file and select Open.


Once you have launched your document, you can then take the content and use whatever word processor you wish, to alter the document. It really is such a simple program. I found that just with a few clicks I was able to view all files and copy and paste the content into my word processing program. It even shows the most complex documents that include multiple photos with ease!!


So if you are looking for a very simple program to view all of your documents without hassle, click here [3] for your FREE download.