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Dog Information

Dog Information


This is an excellent site, filled to the brim with dog information. Whether you want to research breeds of dogs, find a responsible breeder, or get product reviews on stuff for your dogs, you’ve come to the right place. You can even get help naming your new dog here!

The main menu consists of the categories; Dog Breeds, Dog Supplies, and Dog Names; while the navigational tabs across the top of the page offer more categories for browsing like: Training, Care, Puppies for Sale, Dog Breeders, and Pet Friendly Hotels.

I want to talk to you a little about the supplies section, because it comes across as being very commercial at first glance. Yes, you will find ads for dog stuff, but what you’re really getting as you travel through this section are helpful reviews of products, as well as, what you should be looking for in a quality version of the product. Other than the obvious advertisements, I didn’t see anything in the supplies section that was directly selling anything. I think this kind of information is very helpful to both new pet owners, and those of us who have been around the block of doggie parenthood a few times, because it helps you find the best products to suit your dog’s needs.

The dog names sections are very straightforward, just pick whether you want a girl name or a boy name and start exploring the options!

My favorite way to navigate the site was by breed. Select a breed, and when you’re taken to its page, you’ll discover breed information, but if you scroll down past that you’ll find that they’ve included products, names, resources, and further information on that breed.

What drew me to this site in the first place were the Pet Friendly Hotel listings. Use the side menu to pick the State you want to visit. I did a quick check of Toledo, Ohio; and I was shocked at how many of the hotels here were pet friendly! It just didn’t occur to me that it had become such a popular commodity and it made me very happy! That means I can invite friends to town who have pets and know that we can find them somewhere to stay.

This site has a host of doggie information – check it out today!

http://www.dogup.com/ [1]