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Dog Shaming

Do you have a dog? Has your dog ever gotten into something they shouldn’t have? Destroyed something they shouldn’t have? As an owner of two dogs who often misbehave and do ridiculous things, this site is really my cup of tea. Dog Shaming is a hilarious site where people submit photos of their dogs with hand written signs that describe their wrongdoings. 

Navigation is easy! Just scroll down the page, and then use the Next Page or Previous to go back and forth between newer and older entries. Warning: you may lose track of time while laughing at these dogs, don’t look at this site when you have deadlines to meet! Also because of the occasional strong language I don’t recommend this site for kids, but I think any adult who owns a dog will love it! 

I miss my dog Braeden (he died a few years ago) but he would have been a prime candidate for this site. He destroyed two dog beds, chewed a door and a chair, and would sneak sips of coffee if it was left unattended. Dulcie, our Shih Tzu, is trying to beat his record by licking the back of the couch, trying to chew metal, and stealing catnip toys. If I can catch her in the act or directly after I might just snap a photo and submit her to the site.

Do you have a dog you’d like to submit? Just click the Submit Dog for Public Shaming button and then read the guidelines. If your photo fits the bill, click the choose file button, select the image from your hard drive, and then click open to attach it. Write a caption for the picture in the text box, select which tag it would go under (dog shaming or bad dog, or both!) and click Submit!

What are you waiting for? Go check out Dog Shaming and have a laugh!

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