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Dog Tricks

I was looking for new tricks to teach my dog Gypsy, and ran across this site in my search. She’s a wily Australian Shepherd/Beagle mix, and needs to be kept busy, or she finds all sorts of trouble to make. So far, she has stay, sit, high five, and lay down pretty well mastered, but I want to challenge her more, since it’s cold outside and long walks aren’t happening.

What I like about this site is that it not only has instructions for how to teach your dog the trick, but now it has videos too! I’m a very visual learner, so I found the videos to be very valuable to my learning experience.

Some of the tricks on this site that you can teach your dog are: turn around, crawl, speak, and quiet. Those are just a few of them! There are tons more. Just click on the trick you want to learn how to teach your dog and then follow the instructions. If the trick has a video, watching it is very beneficial. I mean who doesn’t want to teach their dog to be quiet? Until I learned how to teach that command she’d bark at every semi-truck that drove down the street.

Check this site out today and start teaching your dog new tricks! It’s a great way to bond with your dog. At the same time, you can exercise the dog’s mind and keep them from getting bored, while you improve their behavior.

http://www.loveyourdog.com/tricks.html [1]