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Dolphin Browser HD: Setup

Carol asks:

Can you recommend a better browser than the one that comes with Android phones?

Thanks for the question Carol. Like you, I’m not thrilled with the installed browser on my new Android phone. However, considering Google’s huge stake in Android–and their reputation for browsers and browser based technology–I assumed the stock browser would be as good as any.

I was wrong.

During a recent visit to the Android Market, I stumbled across the Dolphin Browser HD. The consistently glowing comments from thousands of users, along with acclaim from several professional reviews, made me think that maybe it was time to set aside the–somewhat less than satisfying–Android stock browser, and try something new. So far, it appears to have been a good choice. Along with an astounding array of features, Dolphin offers desktop style tabbed browsing, speed dial, and a very intuitive interface. This article is an overview of the setup. Future articles will take a look at some of the features.

You can find Dolphin Browser HD at the Android Market [1].

Once installation is complete, launch the program and tap the Start now button.


In the Terms of Use agreement, just tap the Accept button, and you’re on your way.


I selected On demand Flash Support, chose to make it Perform as Android Phone, and left the Add shortcuts to the home screen box checked.


The Import Bookmarks screen is next.


I elected to skip Dolphin Connect.


The next screen will explain the slide features (slide to the right is shown below). Adding Bookmarks (and/or adding to Speed Dial) can be done here by tapping the star in the lower left corner.


This will bring up the Add bookmark dialog. Enter the information, check Add to Speed Dial (if you want), tap OK, and you’re all set.


The default Dolphin home page appears below, with 2 tabs and 4 Speed Dial buttons. The Home button is to the left of the address bar, and Refresh is to the right. Add a new tab with the + button at the upper right. I only took a cursory glance at the Webzine tab, but added several sites to Speed Dial. Just tap the + button (the one in the center) to add one of your own.


Then, name the button, and either type a URL, or select from a list of sites. Tap Done and a new button will appear on the Home page.


A long press on any Speed Dial item will open the Edit/Delete screen.


Gestures are patterns that can be traced on the touch screen as a shortcut to a command or website. These can either be selected from an installed list, or created.


Tap the Gesture button to reveal Draw a gesture (seen below). Tapping that takes you to Gesture settings.


In Gesture settings, you can review the list, or tap the New Gesture button to create your own.


Below, a gesture was created for a link to WorldStart. You can also select from a long list of commands, found immediately below the Custom URL: option.


Once the pattern has been repeated, the new gesture is added to the list.


Settings can easily be reset through the menu (shown below in Android 4.0). Tap the More button to continue.


From there, go to Settings.


In Settings, scroll down, and select Setup Wizard. You will then be walked through all the choices discussed above.


Dolphin Browser is also available for iPhone, iPad, and Android Tablet. Click here [2] for downloads.

Being new to cell phone web browsing, I don’t have much to compare it to, but this is the closest thing I’ve seen to desktop browsing.