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“Done, but with errors…”

Paul from Maplewood MN writes:

Sometimes when I visit a web site after it loads I get the message in the bottom left “Done, but with errors” and some things on the site will not work or images will not appear. Whats happening and can anything be done about it?

Have you experienced this problem lately?

Well I’ve got good and bad news for you… 

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

This is an error in the webpage design code and can only be fixed by its owner.

Unfortunately, until they fix it you won’t be able to access the items that you’ve noticed are not visible or not working properly.

The good news?

If you’ve bumped into this error then don’t panic – the problem doesn’t lie with you or your computer!

Like so many things with a computer – the problem is there but you can’t do a darn thing about it.

~ April