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Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

You may remember eEye, the security company that runs the Zero-Day Tracker. It’s a Web service that displays all the Zero-Day affected applications with a list of supporting details. Well, this fine company has decided to throw their hat into the ring and duke it out with the rest of savages in the antivirus/Internet security arena. It’s big news for the security company , because in the past, they have really only offered endpoint security for more of the commercial end of the spectrum. eEye is reaching out to the John Q. Public and their “hook” is a one year free protection subscription. That’s right, one year of updates for eEye’s Blink Personal Internet Security and Antivirus package.

This, in my opinion, is great news and I hope the product does well, because it’s one thing we could all use that’s a better competition in the race to protect us from online threats. eEye’s endpoint security products have always ranked among the top in their field and I personally don’t see why they wouldn’t have the same success in the domestic landscape.

eEye delivers what they call a full security solution. It protects all the necessary layers of security within a small suite, while remaining remarkably small. They also break, as they call it, “bloatware” in the competitor’s similar solutions. With eEye, you get all of the following below, with minimal hard drive usage.

All that and only 60MB of hard drive space. That’s wonderful!

eEye claims that today’s antivirus solutions are using older methods that just don’t offer sufficient protection anymore. Hackers are looking for new ways to infect systems. They are breaking away from the mass mailing Trojan types and are choosing to instead exploit weaknesses in applications and operating systems. eEye reinvents the wheel with unique features that enable the Internet security solution to diagnose flaws in applications before they have patches available to correct the situation. This is what eEye considers “full protection” and they say that it’s what their competitors can’t offer.

eEye is offering Blink Personal 3.0 free for one year and you have until the end of June 2007 to get your free copy. So, if you have a second system that you need protection on or you would like to try something new, this may be the way to go. If you are interested in trying out the “new kid on the block,” you can download the free one year subscription below. I have also listed the system requirements, which are remarkably low for the hard drive space it takes. It may use a little more RAM than you may be used to in a security solution though as well.

System Requirements

You will find all the information necessary to get your free copy of the Blink Personal program here.

Until next week, stay safe out there!

~ Chad Stelnicki