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Don’t Lose the Program Serial Number Again

Don’t Lose the Program Serial Number Again

Maybe you’re reformatting your hard drive or you just bought a new computer and need to reinstall a program from the CD, but can’t find the little card with the serial number on it. I hate that!

Before you reformat or erase the drive on your old system. Just go to Help/About… in each program and the serial number should be there. If it isn’t, you can get it from the registry (only advanced users should try this). For more about this see the tip ” What’s My Code “.


Now that we have the numbers, what to do about it?

You could type up a list, but since you still have the CD, just get permanent marker (preferably one made for marking CDs) and write the number on the label side of the disk.


Now it doesn’t matter what happens to the little card, book, or whatever the number was on. As long as you have the disk, you have the number.

~ Chad