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Don’t Lose Your Facebook & Instagram Photos

Facebook and photo sharing services like Instagram are a great way to show off your pictures to friends and family, but if you don’t have back-up copies of those photos stored somewhere else, they could all disappear someday.

Many people simply snap a picture or dozens of pictures and upload them from their camera phone or other device and forget about it once they see that it’s uploaded.  This is not a good idea.

If that service were to shut down, your photos would be gone for good. It’s already happened with services like Picplz and Dailybooth. Or if your Facebook account were to be suspended or closed for some reason, you would lose access to your pictures.

In addition to uploading your photos to your Facebook or photo sharing account, you need to save them somewhere else. You might choose cloud storage or download them to your computer at home.  

What about those photos you’ve uploaded without making copies? For Facebook, it can be as simple as opening your photos and right-clicking on one you want to save.  Just select “save as” and save it to your computer.

That’s a lot of work if you have multiple albums saved, so you might consider software like Pick&Zip [1] – it’s a free download that allows you to back up both your pictures and videos.

Bottom line – If you care about your pictures, back them up.