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Don’t Lose Your Favicons

Have you ever added a website to your Favorites and a neat little icon appeared next to it? For instance, add Google and a cute little “G” appears. It sure makes it easier to find the site in a big long list. But wait, get online a day later and the nifty little Favicon is gone. What gives?

Well, here’s why: Internet Explorer puts favicons in Temporary Internet Files so when you empty the cache it deletes the icon. So, what can you do to keep your favicons from disappearing?

Today’s tip is a bit involved but not as complicated as it looks so take your time and stay with me. Basically what we’ll be doing is creating a folder in My Documents for Favicons and moving them from Temporary Internet Files.

1. Let’s start by creating a folder. Open up “My Documents”, right click a blank area and select “New” and “Folder“. Name the folder “Favicons”. Windows XP has a link on the left side of folder windows that says “Make a new folder” that you can click.


2. Next we need to go to the Temporary Internet Files folder and find the favicons there. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools/Internet Options then in the “General” tab select “Settings” under Temporary Internet Files. Click the button marked “View Files”.

You’ll see a long list of web sites and objects connected with them. At the top you’ll see headers for “Name”, “Internet Address”, “Type”, etc. Click “Type” to sort the list. Scroll down until you see “Icon”. Highlight any icons you see there and copy (Ctrl+C).


Go to your new Favicon folder and paste (Ctrl+V). You’ll notice that they are all called “favicon.ico” and have a number next to them. You can change the name if you want.

3. Now you’ll need to point to the new icon. Go back to Internet Explorer and find the Favorite that the favicon goes to. Right click and choose “Properties”. Click the button that says “Change Icon” then the button that says “Browse”. Navigate your way to the Favicon folder then select the correct favicon.


Click “Open” then “OK” then “OK” again.

Now you won’t lose your favicons.

P.S. This method can also be used to give icons to any of your favorites. That’s right. You can download an icon off the web, put it in your favicons folder, and make it a favicon. you can find thousands of icons for free at Leo’s Icons…

Keep in mind that you’ll need to follow this procedure each time you add a favorite that has a favicon. Also, I had one the other day that was locked somehow so I couldn’t move it—don’t be surprised if that happens occasionally.

Have fun dressing up your favorites.

~ David