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Don’t Use AOL’s Included Browser!

Don’t Use AOL’s Included Browser!

Have you ever been on a website using AOL and the browser crashes? (Or better yet, have you ever been on a site and not had it crash?)

What happens? That’s right.. The whole AOL program crashes. As for whatever you were doing, kiss it good-bye.

Another bad thing about the AOL browser is the way it limits the amount of space you have to view a website in its entirety and intended design.

I know while viewing Worldstart.com in AOL, the browser only uses the middle portion of your screen when you’re running an 800×600 resolution. At lower resolutions everything will get scrunched up and scroll bars start to appear where scroll bars weren’t designed to be. There are two things you can do.

1) Maximize the browser window within AOL to its full extent. That helps websites look more like they were designed to. You still run a high risk of AOL crashing and loosing whatever you were viewing or working on with this option but, hey, at least you’ll crash in style!

2) This is the best option. Use Internet Explorer (or Netscape in if you like).

You can open Internet Explorer through your “Quick Launch” toolbar (the icon looks like a little blue “e”).


You can also find it by clicking the Start Menu and choosing ” Programs .”

This option is great because if you’re on a website and the browser crashes, AOL won’t feel the need to crash along with it. Websites also seem to look much better with a non-AOL browser.

Hot Hot TIP! Another way to open up Internet Explorer is to click your Start button, then go to Run , then type in iexplore or iexplore.exe. Then hit OK.