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Double-Click = Best Fit

Double-Click = Best Fit

As many MS Excel users are aware you can highlight a column and through the Format menu, Column sub-menu you can choose the AutoFit Selection choice. What this does is make the column just wide enough to fit the longest piece of data in the selection.

It’s a great thing—no guessing necessary to make the data fit.

However, we all like a faster way and for this little trick there is a two-click shortcut.

Simply double-click.

The trick is all in where to double-click.

What you need to do is to move your mouse pointer over the column heading to the right-side border. (The little vertical line between the letters.)


(Your pointer will become a double-sided arrow.)

Now double-click. (Double-clicking on the circled line above best fits column C.)

That’s it!

The column should have be resized right before your eyes!

(This trick also works with multiple columns. Simply highlight the columns to change and double-click on the right side of a selected column header.)

Got to love it when this stuff works in multiple ways :-)