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Double Space Every Time

Double Space Every Time

Do you frequently switch the line spacing in MS Word to double?

Maybe the switch is happening more often than not?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Word was set to double space all the time and you could switch back to single spacing during those few times when you need it?

I bet you’ve even gone so far as to investigate the Format menu, Paragraph choice, only to find that there was no Default button in that window to keep the setting.

If this scenario seems familiar, here’s what you need to know.

First, we’ll make the assumption that you use the Normal style from the Styles and Formatting list. So, it’s there that we will make our change. (If you use a different style or a combination of styles, you’ll need to apply this process to them as well).

On the Task Pane, go to Styles and Formatting.

Select the Normal style and click the down arrow on the right.

Choose Modify from the menu.

When the Modify Style window opens, you’re looking for the Formatting section.

Click the Double Space button.

Now, in the bottom left corner, check the “Add to template” box. (If this step is not completed, the change only affects the current document, making this step very important).

Click OK.

Voila! Double spacing is now the default whenever you use the Normal style. Yes!

~ April