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Double the Work? No thanks!

Double the Work? No thanks!

Ever find yourself either retyping or copying and pasting information from an Excel worksheet into a text box or an AutoShape?

Maybe you need that data stated in a bold way, so it’s been put into a text box or an AutoShape to grab everyone’s attention.

Good idea.

Of course, I’ve got to ask. What happens when the data changes?

Do you then go back into the AutoShape or text box and fix the data in there too?

Tired of doing the double editing?

Yeah, I would be too, so here’s a quick tip on linking the text box or AutoShape to the cell.

The benefit, you ask?

Well, with the direct link to the cell containing the data, a change in the cell is automatically updated in the text box or the AutoShape. No more duplicate efforts.

Interested in the “how to”?

Yep, I was too, so let’s take a look.

For a text box, follow these steps:

Voila! The information from the cell is now displayed in the text box. You can proceed with formatting the text box to fit your needs.

Looking to use an AutoShape instead? Then here’s what you need to know:

Poof! Once again, the information is in your shape where you can proceed with the formatting you want to catch everyone’s eye.

The best thing about all this?

No more duplicate work for you! Simply update the cell and the text box or AutoShape is fed the new information automatically!

~ April