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Double Up

Double Up

Do you create a lot of double spaced Word documents?

Getting tired of changing the normal template’s single spacing to double?

How would you like Word to use double spacing by default? I mean, if you use it enough, it seems to me that you could save a lot of time if Word just started the documents that way for you.

Sound like a good idea?

Good, let’s get started!

While I’m sure that there are a couple of ways to accomplish this, today we’re going to look at a method you can reach via the Styles and Formatting settings.

With Word open, you’ll need the Styles and Formatting task pane. (Format menu, Styles and Formatting choice).

At this point, we’re looking to alter the Normal formatting, so place your mouse pointer over Normal in the list and click the down arrow that appears.

Now select Modify from the menu.

Click the Format button found in the bottom left corner when the Modify Style window opens and select Paragraph from the list.

When the Paragraph window opens, you need to set the line spacing to double (or whatever you desire).

It might also be good to note that there are more settings here than just line spacing and you’re free to change any of them.

With the changes complete, click the OK button.

Now, back in the Modify Style window, check the “Add to template” choice.

Click OK.

And there you have it! Now every time you start a new document and use the Normal style (which is all the time unless you actively change the style), you’ve got double spacing!

~ April