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Download: Logon Loader

I like bringing you programs that can spruce up your Windows XP, making it more personal. One area that could really use some shaping up is that boring Blue logon screen. I couldn’t just leave this out.

Let’s’ put it this way: if you have incorporated all the Windows alterations that I have showcased in the past couple of weeks, trying to totally change every aspect of your Windows environment, then you have to have Logon Loader. Otherwise this bromidic logon screen is going to stick out like a sore thumb. So I figured that the subject of customizing just wouldn’t be complete without this one last program. I also threw in links to some of our other articles at the end. One for an alternative sidebar (like Longhorn’s) download, and the other is an article David did on how to change your logon image.

Logon Loader is a light-weight little program that allows you to download and change your logon screen. I’m sure you know my thoughts on this as I have stated them on several occasions, but just to clarify for you just joining us. My thought is: Windows should have way more flexibility over its appearance, but it doesn’t, so we have to go out and download, or even pay for, third-party programs to perform what Windows cannot.

OK, I’m done ranting, let’s get on with the program description.

With Logon Loader you can go out to one of several sites and download from a staggering wealth of customized logon screens. These images must be loaded into the program in order to be available in the logon screen list. You choose what image you want to use, Apply, and you’re good to go.

With Logon Loader you’re not confined to the same image either. You can configure it to choose a new randomized logon image for you every time you log on.

The program is tiny and shouldn’t take any time to download or install for that matter. There’s not a ton of help out there for it, but it’s really easy to use. I hope you enjoy the logon changer and if you missed out on the last two download articles I did then you may want to check them out—they cover other programs similar to this one that change visual aspects of the XP Operating System. All of these programs are a bunch of fun to use and they really personalize your Windows environment .

Download it here…

~ Chad

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Chad Stelnicki