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Download: Movie Organizer

Well I have some great news for everyone who regularly checks out these weekly download articles. I recently found a mother load of exceptionable downloads, which translates into tons of great, free software for you in 2005.

The first nugget in this download vein is a program that helps you organize all of the movies you may have on disk (i.e.CD/DVD-r’s/RW’s). To be honest I never really thought about using a program like this until we took a phone call here at the office from someone looking for a piece of software that could organize their movie collection. My first thought wa, just use Excel or even a text doc, but my thoughts were really rudimentary ways of organizing these records. I didn’t realize there was software out there that does an outstanding job at this very thing, and better yet it’s free.

The program is called Movie Organizer (MO) from OXD. Basically it’s a database with tons of categories to help you organize your media. MO gives the user a mind-blowing number of categories and fields in which to input information about your media, and you can even go out to MOOD (Movie Organizer Online Database) and download information on your movies.

You don’t need to save the input data to the same database, you can create a new database for specific needs. All of the editable fields and databases also make the Movie Organizer very searchable, in fact you can add search criteria to help you narrow down a search. Here’s an example of how this tailored search works: say you want to find all the movies with John Candy in them. You would start by opening the search menu, go to search, select “actor” from the pull down menu in the searchable field and punch in Mr. Candy’s name. The search will look through this category to find all the John Candy movies and put them in a list. What kind of movie organizing software would this be if it didn’t have good printing options—well MO has got you covered with enough printing options to keep even the most meticulous of users happy.

The options and flexibility of MO really are great and allow you to control the program to suit specific needs.

When downloading MO you are only able to get the full version of 5.0 but there is an update, however, that you’re going to want—just download it as well (it’s on the same page) and after you install the full version run the update.

There is a great help file located off the main interface, and I suggest you read through it and do a couple of practice entries, searches and print jobs to get a feel for how the program works. I stress this because this program uses databases and the saving and search components in particular are a little different than what you might be used to. Once you do it a couple of times it’s a snap.

Download it here…

I hope it helps you get your media organized this year,

~ Chad

Worldstart is not the developer of this software. For help you can contact OXD Software and use their Help or Forum.