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Download: Primo PDF

Weekly Download: Primo PDF [1]

I’ve always thought that Adobe’s Acrobat Reader was a great document distribution program, but a little pricey for what I would do with it. PDFs (Portable Document Format) are really good for creating documents that you want everyone to be able to view as you intended.

For example: you want to create a form for a Charitable bake sale and you want people to go the church website and be able to download and distribute them. You want all the forms to not only be viewable but also it would be nice to have a little continuity and not a bunch of different looking forms because this person didn’t have this font or that person doesn’t have Word. All your viewers need is the Adobe Acrobat reader which they can get for free on Adobes’ website (and you can even put a link on the site right to the download). Now everything will be uniform, and professional looking.

Today’s free download is a little program that can take a document from literally any world processing program and convert it into a PDF document. This isn’t a full functioning Adobe Acrobat (that’s about $300.00) but it does have the ability to synthesize one of Acrobat’s biggest components—creating PDFs.

Here’s how it works: let’s say your working on that form I was speaking of earlier in the article and using MS Word. You get the form exactly how you want it, with a few graphics and fields for the volunteers to fill in their information. Once everything is perfect you always save it first, and after that go to File/Print and when the printer window comes up, select the pull down arrow on the printer select field and select “Primo PDF” from the list.

What this does is send the output of your print job to the Primo PDF program, which then converts the document into a PDF. Give this to the person who does your website and post it or you could keep a copy on a local PC and print off what you need. If you intend on emailing some of these converted documents you may want to watch the size, these files tend to be a little bigger than thier true PDF counterparts.

It’s a great utility to really make your documents stand out as professional and it even has support forums where you and all the other Primo PDF users can talk about install, and tech support issues.

Download it here…
http://www.primopdf.com [1]

~ Chad