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Download: Terragen

Terragen is a landscape generator, which means it can be used to generate very near photorealistic virtual landscapes. Maybe some screen shots cam make a better point than I, so take a look at some of the demo shots from Tarragon’s web site—you will not believe these are made by end users. WOW, is all I can say. I had to do this as a download of the week—imagine the fun you could have with this, and a digital picture of the family. You could show every one your vacation to the moon, or maybe your hiking trip to top of a snow peaked Volcano. Here’s a list of what the program can do:

Intuitive user-interface: Extremely easy to use layout, along with realistic default settings, allows the creation of good-looking scenes within seconds of starting the program.

Random fractal terrain: Controllable parameters allow extremely varied terrain shapes. Can also be used to ‘fill in’ realistic terrain on a user-defined landscape.

High detail foreground texturing: The rendering engine allows extreme close-ups of landscape details with automatic level of detail adjustment.

Terrain sculpting tools: Can be used to ‘paint’ the shape of the landscape, to position mountains and valleys or make changes to random landscapes. Random terrain generation can be used ‘fill in’ realistic terrain over deliberately positioned mountains and valleys.

Terrain modification tools: Functions for allowing overall modification of terrain shape, such as glaciations.

Plug-in system: Tarragon’s plug-in system allows third parties to extend Tarragon’s functionality in a number of areas.

And that’s just a few of the features. Like I said before, this program is free, but only for personal use—if you want to register the program or buy one for commercial use this baby will cast you $99.00.

There is a user manual, but it’s not downloaded with the program. To get the manual go to “Help” from within Terragen’s interface and select “User guide”. Get it here…

And last but not least the system requirements, and they’re not as tough as you might think—this is one for just about everyone.

The minimum system requirements of Terragen for Windows are:
* Pentium, 64 Mb of RAM, 10Mb free disk space.
* Windows 95
* RAM requirements may be lower on earlier versions of Windows.

Yeah, so, just about anyone can run Terragen!

Download Terragen: