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Download: Tiny Spell

It feels good to hunt down downloads for our readers and bag a winner. This may be one of the most useful weekly downloads that I have ever found. I loved this little bugger from the moment I misspelled my first file, (about 5sec after install).

It’s called Tiny Spell, and what it does isn’t tiny at all. Tiny Spell can correct your spelling in any application within Windows—that’s HUGE. So if you’re working in some program that doesn’t support MS Word you can still have confidence that you’re spelling everything OK. No more dumping a word into a Word doc just to see if it is spelled correctly, with Tiny Spell’s simple to use interface you’ll cruise through misspelled worlds easily and quickly.

Tiny Spell sits in your system tray and turns from white to yellow when it recognizes an incorrectly spelled word.


A quick click on the icon and a list of possible spelling choices pops up. Highlight the correct entry and you’re on your way. I find it easier to use this on the fly in Word than the actual built in spellchecker. You can add words to Tiny Spell’s database that it may not be familiar with so that it will recognize it the in the future.

This really is a great program and I’m surethat if you’re like me you’ll get your money’s worth out of it 😉 Of course it’s free (the creator will take donations if any of you feel so inclined the info is in the help file in Tiny Speller). You can get your copy of Tiny Spell here, and you too can enjoy the safety net that Tiny Spell can provide.


Hold me closer Tiny Speller (my apologies to Elton John).

~ Chad