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Download: Virtual Desktop manager

If you’re anything like me then you may find that you’re working with five or six applications at once. I’ll have Outlook Express, Photoshop or Photo Impact, Work and a dozen websites open at once, and then there’s my test machine that is easily just as busy. It’s usually not too big of a deal especially if you have two monitors, which gives you a little room to breath. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the luxury of having dual monitors for whatever reason and even if you do you can still get a lot of use out of today’s download.

Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) is a Powertool for Windows XP and it allows a user to have many different desktops open at once and switch between them as easily as opening a window. So let’s say I have all the programs open I described above (ie. Photoshop, PhotoImpact, OE, and FireFox), well with the Virtual Desktop Manager I can leave all the programs open and switch between them by either selecting their corresponding number in the taskbar…


…or pulling up the preview of all four desktops and choosing from there.


Either way it is easy to use and uses surprisingly little system resources.

Microsoft openly admits to offering no support for their Powertools, just a Help file in the program, but that should be enough for this program. You will not notice any new entries in the programs list when you install VDM, but rather a new option in the Toolbar Properties; under Toolbars/Desktop Manger and once this is checked you’re in business.

Options will become available to you once you activate the VDM, and you can reach them by right-clicking the icon in the toolbar.


These are illustrated in greater detail in the Help file for VDM, You can also change your desktop wallpaper for each virtual desktop to easily distinguished one from the other.

Unfortunately this, like the other Powertoys, only works on Microsoft XP, but if this sounds like something you are interested in but are not an XP’er then you may want to try the Open Source Virtual desktop which doesn’t have the exact features like having individual wallpapers, but the key features are the same. Both the programs are great, fun and functional. Neither is performance degrading. So, like I always say, if it’s something you may have a use for, download it and try it out, you should love it.

Link to VDM Powertoy for XP…

The Open Source virtual desktop for Win 95 and up…

~ Chad

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