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Downloading EBooks from Project Gutenberg

Downloading EBooks from Project Gutenberg

Amazon recently announced that they were selling more EBooks than physical ones. It makes sense too. With thousands upon thousands of books available for purchase, buying books digitally is easy. Few, however, realize the vast library of public domain books available at no cost online. Downloading free EBooks is one of the easiest ways to flesh out your library for free. And one of the primary locations of these collections is Project Gutenberg.

rabalais_ebook_1 [1]

Open up your browser and go to Project Gutenberg [2]. Project Gutenberg is one of the largest databases of free EBooks available, and is especially easy to use.

The site can be navigated a number of ways. If you’re looking for a particular author, type their name or the name of the work into a search bar on the left. If you’re just browsing, click on the top downloads link to see the site’s most popular books.

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The ensuing page will show the author, followed by a list of their works based on number of downloads. Select your book by double clicking the link.

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On the next page, you’ll be presented with a list of available downloads. You’re looking for any format that says Kindle. Some books will offer you a download without any images. Choose whichever you want, though realize that EBooks with images will take up more space on your Kindle than those without.

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Once the file is finished downloading, connect your Kindle to your computer with the included USB cable. Make sure the Kindle is powered on, and not in sleep mode. The light on the bottom of the device should be yellow, rather than green.

Drag or copy your downloaded EBook, and open up the Kindle using My computer. You will see four folders, titled Audible, Documents, Music, and System. Open up the Documents folder and paste your document into it. When finished, eject your Kindle.

Finished! Turn your Kindle on, and in your list of books should be your newly downloaded file.

~Michael Rabalais