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Downloading, Uploading and Installing

What is the difference between Downloading, Uploading and Installing?

Here’s a blow by blow:

Downloading – This is moving a file that’s on the Internet (or over a network) onto your computer. For most of us, downloading is just a matter of clicking a download link on a web site and saving the file to disk.

Uploading – This is the opposite of downloading. With uploading, you take a file from your computer and send it to a computer on the internet (or a computer / server on a network). Usually this is done with an FTP client, but some modern web sites you’ll come across will allow you to send files to them with your web browser.

Installing – This is often confused with downloading, but it’s a different animal. When you install something, you basically “put” the program on your computer so you can use it. Normally this is done via a setup program or “wizard” to make installation easy. Once you’re finished installing a program, you can usually run it from your Start Menu, Programs area.

~ Steve