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Downloads: Firefox 1.0

Believe it or not, Internet Explorer is not the only web browser out there and some of the choices are actually quite nice. On November 9 the Mozilla foundation released Firefox 1.0 for public download after much anticipation. Firefox is a browser built on Mozilla, an old Linux browser that Netscape was built on as well. Firefox comes from the Mozilla foundation [1], an open source community—that basically means it’s not tied to any big money making corporation. Firefox’s efforts are motivated by giving people a more robust choice in web browsers rather than making money (basically stick’n it to the man).

So why would someone want to change from IE to Firefox anyway? Well, Firefox hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel with their new browser version, but rather added some features that in my opinion really give this browser an edge over IE 6. Some of the built in features include integrated Google search, tabbed browsing, popup blocking, live bookmarks, and not to mention that you can completely customize the interface to suit your needs. As well as the built in features there are also tons of downloadable add-ons that allow you further customization of Firefox. If you can think of something you’d like your browser to do, Firefox has probably got an add-on for it and this is the reason why Firefox is the most customizable browser on the web.

I know what your thinking: “My IE has got all my settings and favorites I don’t want to go through setting all that up again”. Well with the Import Wizard you don’t have to—Firefox will import your Favorites, options, cookies, stored passwords, and a variety of other data to make the transition as seamless as possible. Besides, using Firefox doesn’t mean you can’t use your IE, you’ll just have two browsers, which can make the transition even more noticeable.

So what are you waiting for? Go on out to the Firefox site, look over all the features, see what the community thinks, and read some of the reviews—it’s hard not to be impressed.

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