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Downloads: Quicktime & RealAudio Alternatives

My friends know I’m not a big fan of QuickTime. It’s constant reappearance after I turn it off gets old. I don’t like the fact that if you don’t watch it and navigate their download site wrong you end up downloading iTunes. Just not a fan.

Real Player is another media player that has some issues—some even claim it has adware. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want a program scanning my music files so it can better tailor advertisements or music recommendations for me. So what do you do? You have to use the players for their proprietary music files, don’t you?

Well, not anymore. Today’s downloads are two small programs along with codecs to allow you to play QuickTime and Real Player files through a small classic Media Player or plug it in to your browser during setup and enjoy the same benefits of actually having QuickTime or Real Player without the least bit of fuss.

The downloads are really just codecs that allow the player you choose to read the files it needs in order to run. These codecs come with a default player or you can use Media Player Classic. This is perfect for watching all those great QuickTime Movie Trailers without having QuickTime, and it goes for all those streaming Real Audio files.

If you intend on using either of these two programs you must uninstall your current QuickTime and Real Audio so you don’t have any problems. The two downloads are both reasonably small and should take no time to download (23Mb and 6Mb). Follow the directions and watch the options when installing, this determines what player your codec’s use.

If, after you install your downloads, you try to take a look at them by running video, keep this in mind: you won’t notice any difference on streaming video clips. These clips will appear as though you are watching (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, and Netscape) which doesn’t really pull up a full-blown media player but instead it runs the clip from your browser plug-in. You will notice however the difference in files that you are running from your hard drive, this will pull up a Player and you will notice the Media Player Classic’s skin wrapped around the video.

Quciktime Alternative

RealAudio Alternative

I would rather use one Media player to watch everything—it makes more sense and with these downloads it’s as easy as 1,2,3.

~ Chad

Chad Stelnicki