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Draft Quality in Excel

Find yourself printing an Excel worksheet just for editing purposes? Let’s face it, not everyone does their best editing on the screen… some people just need to have it on paper with pen in hand to do quality editing work.

However, if you’re like me then it begins to feel like a waste of resources.

Ink and toner aren’t cheap so printing high quality stuff just to take a pen to it for editing seems like such a waste.

While I can’t do anything about the paper part of the printing, I can do something about the amount of ink or toner I use to print the drafts meant for editing.

So let’s take a look at setting Excel to print drafts as drafts and let’s save a few cents here and there.

The first place we need to go is to the Page Setup dialog box.

In Excel 2007 go to the Page Layout tab of the Ribbon and click the dialog launcher located in the bottom right corner of the Page Setup section.

Older versions of Excel require you to go to the File menu, Page Setup choice.


Once there we all need to go to the Sheet tab.


In the Print section check Draft quality and click OK.

Now when you print the worksheet you’ll get everything you need, the printing won’t be as fine-tuned as a finished product, but it will serve your purposes.